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One job is to deliver the financial goals, and make my boss happy, but also as General Manager, my responsibility is to grow the organization and its capabilities and also to ensure that the Colgate values are applied in every country. Also in Turkey, I need to assure that the Colgate ethics, the Colgate governance, the Colgate care for the community is replicated.

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At 9 o’clock I start to golf, 10 o’clock sailing, tennis 11... And, seriously speaking, every day is different, that’s what is one of the great parts of working at Colgate, especially being a General Manager. We always work with different challenges, but normally I have one or two meetings, not too long, I discuss with my direct reports with the team about some follow-up on issues. I read a couple of reports, analysis. And, that’s pretty much it. Every day, because we’re especially in Turkey, there is always a surprise and we need a small crisis to identify. And if you join Colgate, as part of your program, you will have to spend one day with me, shattering, and then you will see the real thing, how I spend the day.

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