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Ensure that all topline forecasting processes are supported to work properly, accurately and efficiently in order to achieve total company topline algorithm targets. Providing accurate and timely analysis to feed all forecasting, monitoring, performance tracking, risk & opportunities identification and all other topline- related forecasting and planning processes on a regular and systematic basis.

Provide advanced analysis in order to support and facilitate net revenue forecasting and tracking on three main subjects:

  • Company volume, Gross, D&A and Net Revenue (NR) for rolling forecast and annual budget (AOP)
  • Financial models to enable the management of the process
  • The actuals versus budgets or year a go (YAGO) for volume, pricing, D&A and NR

Role requires significant analytical work to achieve organized, systematic, accurate, timely and advanced analysis to feed all topline-related processes. The person prepares all iS&OP (short term quarterly commercial plan (QCP) and long term Management Business Review (MBR)) financials, MBR presentations topline slides, Pre-close actual analysis and annual forecast financial data and analysis to be reviewed with Revenue Governance Manager

  • Beverage actual database update for all channels & subchannels (Volume, NR, COGS, Freight)
  • Beverage planning consolidation (both short-term and long-term)
  • Beverage category short-term revisions
  • Commercial plan (list price, sales door value (SDV), price reduction (TPR) update and maintenance for all channels
  • Database maintenance and integration for AOP, Forecast (FC) and actual (ACT)
  • Cause of Change (CoC) analysis tool development & maintenance for Bev category
  • Data Miner tool development & maintenance for Beverage category
  • Beverage Category KPI Tracking (Gross revenue, D&A, Net revenue
  • Actual, AOP and forecast process support for Beverages category.

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2356 takipçi
  • University degree
  • 2+ years working experience in FMCG preferred
  • High analytical thinking skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft (excel, word , PowerPoint) as well as ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP
  • Fluent in English
  • Positive team player