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  • Managing the Potato Chips , Tortilla chips, and packaging lines performance of his/her shift
  • Tracking the Daily plan adherence and support the service to sales to catching the daily plan adherence
  • Leading Lean implementation in his/her shift
  • Ensuring the completion of volume in weekly production plan
  • Ensuring efficient production runs on Potato chips, Tortilla Chips categories
  • Ensuring food safety on all production lines
  • Ensuring people safety on all production lines
  • Track Performance in Potato Chips , Tortilla chips,and Packaging Lines (basic, oil, seasoning, packaging efficiencies)
  • Supporting R&D for new product trials and launchs
  • Gate keeping of IPS and Weak Link standards
  • Leading , Lean,productivity and recon savings program
  • Meeting the requirements Management system with in the plant such as GEHSMS and 14001 Environmental Management System in his/her area of responsible
  • Support the shift manager to perform the monhtly team meetings and inform his/her teams with the team scores and take necessary actions
  • Support to shift manager to lead the weekly performance meeting wih his/her teams for all production and packaging lines
  • Leading the QCDM meetings wih his/her teams.for all production lines
  • Provide support to shift staff to attend necessary trainings
  • Reporting the weekly shift performance and tracking the necessary action plans
  • Coordinating communication of all related production teams in his/her shift
  • Deploying production scheduling in his/her shift
  • Coordinate the maintenance requirements with the shift maintenance technicians
  • Close contact with quality assurance technician related product quality
  • Close contact with the logistics supervisors to improve the service to sales ratio.
  • PepsiCo
    3020 takipçi

  • University degree (Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics or Chemical Engineering Background)
  • Create an environment of inclusion
  • Excellent communication skills: written, oral, and inter-personal
  • Ability to coordinate and organize design projects and personnel
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently and employ effective time management skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Able to work shiftly bases
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    PepsiCo; birlikte çalışmayı seven insanlara göredir. Kararların birlikte alındığı ve birlikte plan yapıldığı bir şirket olduğu için burada çalışacak kişilerin; ekip çalışmasına çok yatkın olması, inisiyatif ve sorumluluk alabilmesi, ufkunun dışına çıkıp bakabilen ve sınırlarının dışına çıkabilen biri olması gerekiyor.