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İlk işlerini seçecek insanlara tavsiyeleriniz nelerdir? (2 Cevap)

Number one, make sure that you join a business that is consistently growing that has a sustainable growth and that is always having big plans because this means that you will be able to grow with the company more and more. Secondly, join a company that treats you as an owner and not just that as a number or an employee, or just as an employee. Join an organization that treats you as an owner and not just a number or not just as a simple employee but rather as a real business partner and as a real contributor to the business growth. And thirdly, what is really important as well is make sure that all the values that you personally have, make sure that they match with the organization that you will be joining.

Neden Kraft Heinz? Burada sizi ne motive ediyor? (5 Cevap)

Very simple and straightforward approach we have to business it's very easy to understand what's expected for new and how to deliver more it's very very easy also the meritocracy future is something that really appreciate because you can at their age disposed to several challenges and also you can progress really fast in your career if you are results-oriented and deliver the results.

How would you describe the process in a food company after a regulation comes up in the industry? (1 Cevap)

When a regulation pops up and we have to implement it we look at the regulation we analyze it is it impacting our business our products then we look at which products what are the product and we let them down and we call up for a meeting with the other stakeholders it can be marketing supply chain convertion finance and we gather all these stakeholders in one place and we tell them guys we have a new regulation and we need to implement it on our product we need to change this and that and that and we put an action plan with timelines and responsibilities and it's more of a project management that need skill that need to be deployed at this project so we make the change as per the timelines so that we make sure that we implement what the regulations say.

How would you describe your full day as Assistant Export Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

Starts with a lot of e-mails and a lot of phone calls. I get request from customers, we work on pricing. They come over and we set meetings, we align the price and we close the deal. So it’s a lot of negotiations in between to ensure that he gets the stocks and the products that he wants and we get the best price that we can.

How often do you travel as a salesperson at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

Travelling is a part of our daily life. Being a salesperson who handles a region you should visit countries once in a while, you should visit the market to understand what is happening. Sitting in the office as a salesperson is not the best way to do it you need to go down and see what the market is lacking and try to fill that need.