Why Kraft Heinz? What motivates you here? (5 Cevap)

Very simple and straightforward approach we have to business it's very easy to understand what's expected for new and how to deliver more it's very very easy also the meritocracy future is something that really appreciate because you can at their age disposed to several challenges and also you can progress really fast in your career if you are results-oriented and deliver the results.

What are the steps of recruitment process for experienced professionals at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

To start a career in Kraft Heinz, you would apply for any of the vacancies that we have published. The process initially will be a selection through the talent acquisition process or let's say the talent acquisition team will contact the candidates. They will do the assessment or they will do the interview and then there will be a short list where the line manager of the specific department will then do the interview and then there will be a committee where the applicant will present either project or an assignment and they were presented to the committee and then he or she will be selected for the role. If we are doing the recruitment over here in Dubai and then definitely however if the recruitment happens in Turkey or in any other location then the relevant team will be traveling over there and we'll be doing the assessment or the interviews over there. But definitely starting a career with Kraft Heinz is not necessarily limited to one function so if you start in the Finance Department that does not mean that you will necessarily remain in the Finance Department, if you have affinities for another function or you would like to develop into another function or role and that is possible at Kraft Heinz.

What are your duties and responsibilities as the Quality Assurance Regulatory Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

I do ensure compliance of products compliance of products 100% we do not have tolerance for any non-compliance, so compliance against regulations in the local markets where we sell our products one of the things that I look after our checking what are the food laws and regulations in the countries that I'm responsible of which are Middle East countries North Africa and Turkey I do gather all the regulations and requirements and make sure that our products are meeting these requirements.

Why are you working in Quality as a Medicine graduate? Could you tell about your career story? (1 Cevap)

After graduating from Medicine I decided that I do not want to pursue to practice medicine itself I wanted to look at the administrative and the food aspect part of that soI went looking after companies that are producing food and I worked one in one of the biggest companies before I joined Kraft Heinz and I had some experience then I had a bigger opportunity in Kraft Heinz bigger exposure with bigger responsibilities and that's why I joined Kraft Heinz in quality assurance.

What are your duties and responsibilities as Assistant Export Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

I am a part of the commercial team, as an Assistant Export Manager I manage the export business. The business model around is, you have distributers across many countries, but in some areas you cannot have distributers or where your distributers are a bit small. You target other customers who are export customers so usually we ship them products locally and they export them to these countries. An example would be Libya, Iraq, where the political situations are a bit unhealthy to have on ground operations.

How would you describe your full day as Assistant Export Manager at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

Starts with a lot of e-mails and a lot of phone calls. I get request from customers, we work on pricing. They come over and we set meetings, we align the price and we close the deal. So it’s a lot of negotiations in between to ensure that he gets the stocks and the products that he wants and we get the best price that we can.

How often do you travel as a salesperson at Kraft Heinz? (1 Cevap)

Travelling is a part of our daily life. Being a salesperson who handles a region you should visit countries once in a while, you should visit the market to understand what is happening. Sitting in the office as a salesperson is not the best way to do it you need to go down and see what the market is lacking and try to fill that need.

What motivates you to work in Sales? (1 Cevap)

Sales is a beautiful job. You meet a lot of people and it gives you the rush when you close the deals, whenever you get contracts. When you sit on the table and discuss millions and you have a target and you achieve it, that sense of achievement is the only way you can get it is when you work in sales.


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