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Unilever Gen-Next Programme is a long term, part-time internship programme for students help them acquire work experience to kick-start their careers. You’ll get hands-on experience by working in one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies.

At Unilever Human Resources, we believe that the passion of our employees is our strength and this is what drives us towards outstanding performance.

We have a strong employer brand to attract the right people into the business, and ensure we have great leaders that are either ready today or being developed for tomorrow. As being a part of our company that attracts the best talent, you’ll help the People Agenda together with our leaders to motivate, reward and recognize our people, and create winning teams.

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Bizim işimizin temelinde Unilever’in liderlik standartları var ve bu standartları her aşamada ölçümleme sistemi olarak kullanıyoruz. Bunu işi alırken yapıyoruz ve çalışanlar bizim için bir kılavuz oluyor. Mülakatlarda da Unilever’in liderlik standartlarını ve yetkinliklerini soruyoruz. Kişilerden de birebir yaptıkları örnekleri istiyoruz ama büyük örneklerden ziyade kişinin o projede neler yaptığını ve nasıl çalıştığını duymak istiyoruz. Bu örnekler okuldaki bir proje veya özel hayatlarındaki bir deneyim olabiliyor.

3218 takipçi

If you are;

Hungry to learn and curious

A dot connector: You have the unique ability to think differently and pull the big picture and small details all together clearly

Digital Savvy, forward thinker, future obsessed

2nd, 3rd or 4th grade at Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree.

Apply & become a part of our team!

Application Process: Online Application >> Digital Interview >> Face to Face Inter

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