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You don’t need to use lipstick or mascara to build a fulfilling career in L’Oréal ;). However, you do need:
The flexibility to change & adapt: The digital moves at an incredible speed. You need to be prepared to embrace change. If you are someone who is not only open to change, but someone who thrives on it (and almost fears being stagnant), you will feel right at home at L’Oréal.
The hunger to learn: This will be a definitive factor in your digital success— hunger to learn continuously and a desire to know and keep you up with industry news and trends. We look for self motivators who are eager to become exceptional at what they love to do by having the curiosity to trial new ideas and the ability to analyse their lessons learned. The best curiosity is a mix between the creative desire to try new concepts and the analytical drive to see if they work.
The drive to team play: The best L’Oréal digital pro’s have a broad knowledge of all digital concepts and yet are really passionate about one particular area. If this sounds like you, you’re going to need a team to help you maximise your concepts and campaigns. At L’Oréal no one works alone. It is important that you like working with other people and are able to do so.
With a background in some giant FMCG companies, I started my career in L’Oréal Consumer Division as Trade Category Manager. I was looking for a new challenge and to me L’Oréal was a place where I knew I would be challenged, while working tirelessly to evolve and improve year on year.
A year after joining L’Oréal, I started a new role, building the Revenue Management department from scratch. There a few projects that I am proud of during my career in L’Oréal but I think building revenue growth management in Turkey, having fantastic results for 2 consecutive years and cooperating with other countries to deploy the initiative in other markets is something that I really cherish.
Not long after I became Trade Marketing & Revenue Management Head in Consumer Division. Eventually, I managed Drugstore and E-commerce channels and recently I got promoted to Consumer Products Division Turkey Make-up Director.


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