Michele Gatti
Marketing Manager
2009 yılından beri Kraft Heinz şirketinde çalışıyor.
Very easy to get familiar with the city, infrastructure of the city. Very friendly for expat people like me people coming from not only from Europe but any place of the world. Is a very good place to experience the concept of diversity so there's people from different cultural background, religious background and we all live together in a very collaborative environment so it's very nice to experience the life of Dubai and the concept of the melting pot of people and culture of religion.

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Being a Marketing Manager Kraft Heinz means in very simple terms you are the brand guardian. As a brand guardian essentially you’re fully countable for the overall brand performance. We define the positioning of our brand and we drive a plan to achieve this position in a communication plan. Then we are responsible for the innovation. So we define new selling proposition and we re-evaluate the consumption in the market. We are responsible for the market strategy, so what we do, we define our distribution strategy and our distribution objective by region, country and channel. And ultimately we are responsible for the pricing strategies. So we define price, again by channel, by region and by product. All these combined together are supposed to drive your category consumption and ultimately we are responsible for these overall results. This is a very important role and this is very exciting role.
I’ve never had a very boring day in my life at Kraft Heinz, every day is quite exciting. We work in a very competitive environment. So every day there is some issues coming out, there is competitive reaction to all our work plans so to manage this complexity, we try to structure daily and suppose to manage this huge complexity and dynamic environment so what we do, early in the morning we have a round of meetings with our Commercial Team with our Sales Team where we go over, analyze and track the performance and we define the action plan. Then we sit with Marketing and Trade Marketing Team and we perform some analysis on external and internal data. To again identify the risk and opportunities and we sit together to define the action plan to fill the gaps or to build the opportunities. On the second half of the day we normally meet our partner and our suppliers. We develop our consumer plan and strategy, we keep track of them. At the end of the day we work normally on the operations. We try to ensure that all these actions translate all the plan to tangible results.
I joined Kraft Heinz in Italy back in 2009. I was recruited as Product Manager. After delivering some good results in market performance and category growth I have been promoted to Brand and Innovation Manager. It was a great opportunity to work on big project of Category Renovation. This gave me the opportunity to be greeted to the new role, which was the Group Brand Manager for the Baby Food Category in Italy where I had a lot of experience in terms of trade marketing management and commercial projects. And then it was time for me to take new challenges so I applied for an internal role based in Dubai. I got the job and I relocate myself to Dubai. I moved here and after 2 years I’ve been promoted to the role of Marketing Manager for Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. https://tellbout.com/kraft-heinz
Emerging markets is a very peculiar environment, is a very dynamic and fast changing environment so and it gives a very good learning opportunity essentially the speed of the market the reaction of the market i would say it's three four times higher than in Europe which is natural orator you know defined as metro market. So coming your have experienced a very dynamic and fluid context and this has helped me a lot to improve my ability my flexibility, my speed of reaction and the other feature of the emerging market is the number of whitespace opportunity that you have these require you to develop a very good decision-making skills and critical thinking and these helped me a lot and it's a very exciting context i would say it's much more fun than Europe.
Not to sound exaggerated but working in marketing for me means changing the life of people how does it happen, I mean by developing new products by analyzing the consumer by bringing to them new selling proposition you can really change their consumer habits so what motivates me, I mean when I walk through a supermarket and then see a new product developed by me and my team, when I see on a TV channel a new advertising developed by the team, I feel that I've been given the chance to change consumer life that we are really given the chance to influence the consumer life this for me is a big excitement and this big responsibility.
Marketing is a job that puts you constantly under pressure, why the competitive environment is very tough. it means that for every action that you put in place there's always a competitor or an external recorder which will react, sometimes the reaction is a disproportional so there is never a plan that happens as per your original assumption, so what does it mean you need to be ready to change you need to be ready to adapt to the fluid and dynamic environment and this can create a lot of stress so you need to face new issues every day you need to face your challenges everyday. Ability is fundamental and you can't crack under pressure and if you dont suffer from this pressure you will succeed for sure.
There's no secret to success and marketing you need to have a very balanced profile which means you need to be a good project manager there's a lot of project management in marketing because what we do essentially is to put in place daily monthly quarterly action plan is to be combined with a very good attitude towards numbers we need to be data-driven very structure in your decision making process and it also to be very responsive to the market so you need to be a fast learner and to have a good agility in your attitude and finally you need to have a good sensitivity to understand the consumer needs and the emerging trends of the market and i will say all these has to be combined with a mindset of thinking, big thinking board I mean you need to be brave in marketing.
We are the brand guardians so what does it mean it means that we are fully accountable for the brand performance and we control for the mansion in marketing, control the product and it's proposition we control the price we control the promotion and the communication about the product we control the place so what we sell the product so what we do in marketing we manage all these for dimension and put in place actions and plans to address all these four dimensional when across all the fourth dimension. To give you a simple example, we set the very ambitious plan in this region to become leader of course all the market in our main category which is ketchup. How did we implement this vision, the strategy? First on the product dimension we have completely rationalized our portfolio so we got rid of what is called tale of our portfolio and we have just the set to keep in the market the high-value excuse will work on the innovation part so we decided to bring into the market new products with high value and high relevant for the consumer, on the other end on the communication part on the promotion part we decided to launch a new TV copy developed in the region and along with it we decided to build a new digital platform so this was a very massive communication plan and the brand communicate the superiority of our product. We then work on the price the mention that we decided to streamline our portfolio mechanic and to focus solely on the big volume driver promotion in our portfolio and we decided to review the overall pricing strategy across the markets and ultimately on the place with the city to improve our distribution across all the relevant channels in the region. When we put together on these for the mansion we deliver dramatic results in the region so it's two years in a row that we grow very high double-digit for two consecutive year so at the end all these marketing job combined together paid off.
I'll give myself as an example for it so I've been given the opportunity to grow very quickly in the organization so I've been ready through different roles than a beginning the opportunity to come to Dubai to experience new challenges and new market environment and when in Dubai also given the opportunity to enlarge my product portfolio responsibilities so the opportunities can be found both on our vertical career path or on horizontal career path so you can progress into your career in marketing but you can also expand your responsibilities within your camera roll and in terms of the global opportunity there's plenty of chance to be relocated into a new country we have more than 40 offices around the globe and one of the key value of the company is “consumer first” so the company's really putting marketing in the center of the organization it is a market eccentric organization.
Kraft Heinz is a company which has a hunger for success what does it mean, it means that in the DNA of the company there's a winning mentality and this reflects into our daily job and to the people you work with so the team and the leadership team really encourages you to take on big challenges to take on a big project and this is a big motivator for me.
Any degree of Business Administration give you a very good chance to enter and access different jobs essentially under the commercial department under marketing department under the finance department so business administration gives you really the flexibility to enter the world of the multinational company or the locker company and gives you the entry point to a very wide spectrum of job and opportunities so it's been a good choice for me.
Working in marketing and became a marketing manager, most of my classmates work for a multinational company of their covering different world like business planning leader into the finance department the coveralls into the Sales Department like key account manager or national account manager or trade marketing manager. Had other friends with a business administration degree which are covering a very important role in media agency, communication agency so is telling you the business administration gives you a very robust a solid background in economics which you can leverage to apply to different job and business opportunities.
I was really fascinated by the marketing discipline because I knew that in marketing there was the opportunity to do something that can change people’s lives. So do something that can influence the consumer behavior, I was fascinated by this and when this started to go deeper into marketing we started to work in marketing and realized that this was really the case so for me this was the big motivator to join the marketing management program.
After my bachelor, I decided to specialize in marketing and Bocconi University is really a place where marketing is treated as the quintessential of business administration so all the program all the major are really marketing centric and this gave me the opportunity to really go deep and specialized into this discipline and beyond that Bocconi university is a college which is a very strong and robust network of partnership with the majority of fmcg company and other big multinational companies so these gave me the opportunity to combine my academic agenda with a lot of company training, business case discussion, internships or the combination of you know the academic program and the business reality was a very powerful element that allow me to get ready for the job that today I'm covering.
What makes really the difference in marketing beside any technical skills and factor that you need to learn so besides the basic knowledge that you need to have a marketing manager what really makes the difference is the mentality is the mindset of the manager so what are the advisors will say be bold and don't be afraid to say the wrong thing, be creative and try to do something that goes beyond the industry standard only by you know over pacing the competition you can really succeed in the market and finally I think we can dream big.

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