Aseel Albarham
Quality Assurance Regulatory Manager
2015 yılından beri Kraft Heinz şirketinde çalışıyor.
I do ensure compliance of products compliance of products 100% we do not have tolerance for any non-compliance, so compliance against regulations in the local markets where we sell our products one of the things that I look after our checking what are the food laws and regulations in the countries that I'm responsible of which are Middle East countries North Africa and Turkey I do gather all the regulations and requirements and make sure that our products are meeting these requirements.
During the day I do keep an eye on all the the environment of regularity in the Market what are the things that are happening what are the laws and regulations anything new has popped up anything has changed and I make sure that I make the actions that are necessary to take in this act and your regulation or law is out and need to be implemented I do have a library for all these requirements and food laws and regulations and I do look at the recipes of our products I validate each recipe the ingredient the nutritional information and I make sure that they are fulfilling all the regulations and lows this is regarding the recipe and looking at art works or what we call for the consumer it's called labeled what they see on the product all the texts that is communicated to the consumer has to have to go through me and to be checked and to be approved all the texts in claims all the numbers all the details has to be approved from my side.
After graduating from Medicine I decided that I do not want to pursue to practice medicine itself I wanted to look at the administrative and the food aspect part of that soI went looking after companies that are producing food and I worked one in one of the biggest companies before I joined Kraft Heinz and I had some experience then I had a bigger opportunity in Kraft Heinz bigger exposure with bigger responsibilities and that's why I joined Kraft Heinz in quality assurance.
Kraft Heinz is one of the biggest food manufacturers and food suppliers globally it's a very good opportunity for me was to work in Kraft Heinz and the things that motivates me in this company are that the values of the company one of them is consumer first we look at what the consumer wants and we understand their needs and we tried hard to make sure that we fulfill all these expectations the second value that I do like in the company is ownership a company gives you the ownership to do actions and to do your duties and responsibilities the way you think you should do it and that gives you a better experience better exposure it puts you in challenges you will learn and it's very important for the career and the development of your career and gives you better opportunities to work in other departments to learn from these departments these are the values that I do like in the company and that's why I'm motivated to work in Kraft Heinz.
One of the biggest challenges and difficulties in quality are when a new food law or regulation comes up and we have to implement the changes very soon in a very short time period. Nowadays the countries and governments are looking after the health of their consumers a lot more than it used to be before that's why we see more regulations and more laws popping up and we need to implement them on our products that would be the biggest challenge.
When a regulation pops up and we have to implement it we look at the regulation we analyze it is it impacting our business our products then we look at which products what are the product and we let them down and we call up for a meeting with the other stakeholders it can be marketing supply chain convertion finance and we gather all these stakeholders in one place and we tell them guys we have a new regulation and we need to implement it on our product we need to change this and that and that and we put an action plan with timelines and responsibilities and it's more of a project management that need skill that need to be deployed at this project so we make the change as per the timelines so that we make sure that we implement what the regulations say.
You need to be a scientist it can be healthcare can be pharmacy it can be medicine it can be food science being nutrition or any other related fields. This is one of the crucian fundamentals to be working in quality assurance. The second thing is I would say about skills you need to have a very good communication skills because in quality assurance you do interact with many departments and around the company you need to interact with marketing it interact with a slight change for you need to have very good communication skills. The last thing would be good project management skills to be able to to manage all the new product development new recipe developments.
Generally, in quality assurance we do look at new product development so for instance we are making a product out of scratch and we are launching it in a new market for example so we do launch these projects in association with other departments however quality assurance is focused on implementing the quality controls in factories making sure that the factory produces that new products as per the policies of Kraft Heinz and we do check recipes you check the artworks and the labels before this product is launched into the market everything has to be checked and a lot of work needs to be done and treatment before we are launching this this product in the market.
You can be managing a facility affectery you can be managing the process how do they produce food you can be a quality assurance person that make sure that everything is fulfilled or an auditor to make sure that you check if everything is done as per the policy you can be also working from the like myself i'm in regularity which is part of quality this is another opportunity talking about globally people have in Kraft Heinz have opportunity and the potential to grow and be at the zone level and from the zone level you can prove that you are very good at what you do and you can be promoted to be working at the global level which is everyone’s dream.
It is very good I studied medicine I've never regretted doing that it added a lot to my career it was and it is until this moment it's the scientific link that you need to understand and it gives you the background to know how to do your duties and responsibilities particularly in the regularity because we look at giving product to the consumers that are fit for their health and it's safe to consume so the health and safety part of that it's very much related with medicine and looking after people's health.
There are many you can look at my classmates for example one of them have graduated and she joined the pharmaceutical company and she's working the same role like myself which is regularly affairs and scientific affairs and many of them have decided to pursue working as doctors and practice being doctors and they specialize and they applied for residency in many hospitals and stuff like that however I would say there are other opportunities that you can also look at for example you can join research-and-development Department in a food company to develop products and do studies on product how does the effect that consumer is it a beneficial product what are the benefits these are at the duties of research and development career opportunities there are also quality assurance it's a is a very good opportunity and quality control as well.
I wanted do that because I wanted to have the other part of Medicine it's not about the practice I did not want to practice medicine I wanted to do the administrative part of it looking after the management aspects of health care and the industry and business I wanted to know more about that that's why I joined the RCSI college and I applied for them for the master's degree actually I benefit a lot from there and then it opened a lot of opportunities for me it gave me knowledge and basics and background terminologies about the business what does the marketing do? what does finance do? what does other business stakeholders do? how do you make business succeed what are the best practices to implement in your department? how can you make work easier, more efficient? it was a very good add-on value to my career and and it opened a lot of opportunities to me.
You have the passion for it you need to understand what you really like. which departments you want to join, what do you really like the most you like working with numbers than its finance or commercial are you good in communication with people could be sales or marketing are you a process-oriented person you like to be organized and to look after processes and operations then its quality assurance or supply chain quality assurance and advice is that have a qualification get the food science related degree learn the skills communication skills project management skills and then apply for quality assurance it could be one of the best opportunities you might encounter in your life.

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